ADOPTION HOME STUDIES Kentucky, Indiana, Tennesee, Missouri

Adoption Home Studies in Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee. Licensed Home Study Program For Adopting – Expertly, Caringly Serving Four States.

Adoption home study in Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky is required by law. This means the home study agency has many requirements from these states. This includes being licensed in the state which the prospective adoptive parent(s) reside. All Blessings is a non-profit, Hague accredited, child-placing agency, fully licensed to provide home study services to residents of the states we serve. Our adoption home studies (study) is for adopting parents who live in Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee. For the adoption home study checklist and to answer all your questions, please call us.

ABI can provide home study services to families residing in the four states listed above who want to pursue a private/independent adoption and domestic adoption.

A home study is an assessment completed in which the home study agency assesses the prospective adoptive parent(s) suitability to adopt. The home study process involves visits with your caseworker, education and training regarding adoption-related issues, background clearances, medical reports, reference letters, and supporting documentation.

The home study process can appear intimidating to prospective adoptive parent(s), but ABI provides compassionate and confidential home study services to our families.  It is a valuable experience and enables families to work closely with trained professionals who will provide encouragement, preparation, assistance, and support throughout the exciting months to follow. Many of the caseworkers at ABI are adoptive parents themselves, and have been through this process as well.  It is our goal at ABI to ensure that prospective adoptive parent(s) are as prepared as possible for the addition of an adopted child to their household. ABI will help each family explore their strengths, resources, and limitations to ensure that an adoptive placement is in both the child’s and the family’s best interest. Our home study fees can be reviewed on our program comparison sheet.

Please Contact the offices of All Blessings in order to learn more about ABI’s Home Study Services.


Once a child has been placed with his/her adoptive family, there are many adjustments and transitions that take place. All Blessings is happy to be able to offer assistance and support to our home study families after their adoption is completed. Every adoption situation is unique, and each family will face their own set of challenges and transitions.

Post-Placement/Post-Adoption Reports:

All Blessings is licensed in the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Missouri to provide post placement reporting in adherence with the requirements of the placing country or state. ABI can also provide court reports for re-adoption or adoption finalization in ABI’s four states of licensure.

Post Adoption Monitoring:

All Blessings submits post adoption reports for All Blessings placement clients. ABI encourages post adoptive families to seek assistance and support as this can be essential to the success of the placement. ABI also has a resources page that families may want to refer to on this website.

For more information regarding our Post Adoption Monitoring, please contact All Blessings.