Taiwan is a beautiful island comprised of mountains, farms, cities, and beaches, all of which can be seen while riding on the high-speed rail.


All Blessings International is proud to partner with Cathwel Adoption Service of Taiwan to serve the children of Taiwan. The Taiwan adoption program through ABI and Cathwel is a great opportunity for families open to adopting a child with special needs.
Adoptive Parent Qualifications
Families meeting the following criteria may be suitable to adopt from our Taiwan program:

  • Married, heterosexual couples between ages 25 and 55
  • Must be 20 years older than the adopted child
  • Couples must have been married for 5 years (it is possible to be accepted with 2-4 years of marriage if the couple can prove they were in a long-term, committed relationship prior to marriage)
  • No more than one divorce per adoptive parent
  • No more than 3 children already residing in the home
  • Must be healthy or only have minor health concerns
  • Minimum of high school diploma or GED

No alcohol/drug abuse or criminal violations within the past ten years

Timeline and Travel
Expected adoption processing times for the Taiwan adoption program is between nine and twelve months after referral.  Adoptive families will travel twice during the adoption process. The first trip will take place in order for the adoptive parents to attend the court hearing for their adoption finalization.  Once your final court decree has been issued, you will work with ABI to schedule your trip to bring your child home. The trips to Taiwan will be approximately 4-7 days per trip.
Referral and Adoption Process
The first step in the Taiwan adoption program is to complete ABI’s adoption application. The second step is to have a home study conducted by an agency licensed in your state of residence. ABI will be able to assist you with your home study process if you reside in Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, or Tennessee. If not, ABI will happily recommend a Hague-Accredited home study provider in your area. The next step is to file form I-600A and supporting documents with USCIS in order to obtain immigration approval.

During the home study process, ABI will also be working with your family to complete a packet for Cathwel. This will include photos of your family and a birth parent letter. On occasion, birth parents in Taiwan are part of the matching process with Cathwel. Your family will be chosen based on non-identifying information that will be included in your packet. If a birth parent is not part of the matching process, Cathwel will work to make the best possible match for your family. Your family will receive all available photos, videos, and social and medical history of the child.

The next step in the Taiwan adoption program is the Dossier. It is a compilation of documents that require various seals at different levels of government. ABI will provide adopting families with exact directions to prepare their dossier. Don’t be overwhelmed – we’ll help you with this, and ABI will even manage dossier preparation and domestic and international mailing! Once your dossier is ready to submit, your documents will be reviewed and prepared to enter Taiwan’s legal system when you have accepted a referral.

After returning home with your child you will be required to complete five post-placement reports for the Taiwan adoption program. These reports will be required 1, 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36 months following your child’s placement.  Once these have been completed, you will be required to submit self-authored reports while your child is between 4-18 years of age. Eight photos are to be included with each report. These must include at least one photo of the child with the parent(s) and two photos of the child.

Available Children
The Taiwan program is a special needs program with children having minor to severe special needs. Children ages 3 and up are available for adoption. Children with special needs or medical issues will be available for adoption, as well as older children (typically school age) and sibling groups. Special needs may include developmental disabilities, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, ADHD, Down Syndrome, hearing loss, epilepsy, limb difference, and other special needs. Children reside in foster care or a high-quality orphanage. This program does have a waiting child list.  Please access our Waiting Children Page to learn more about the children from Taiwan looking for their Forever Family.

If you would like more information regarding the Taiwan program, please contact Emily Mathews at emily@allblessings.org.