The people of the Central African Republic have received international attention for their remarkable displays of song and dance.


All Blessings International is not currently accepting applications for this program. Please check back in the future as we have hopes to open this new program for interested prospective adoptive parents.

CAR is not a party to the Hague Treaty for Inter-country Adoptions. Referrals are made by the orphanage which ABI partners with.  Families desiring to adopt from CAR must be initially approved by the orphanage, and the orphanage has a requirement that all prospective adoptive parents must be Christian.

Adoptive Parent Qualifications

CAR law and the requirements of the orphanage allow families meeting the following criteria to adopt:

  • Married heterosexual couples
  • Couples must be married for at least five years
  • At least one of the prospective adoptive parents must be 30 years old
  • Singles adults of either sex may adopt, but must be at least 35 years old
  • Adoptive parents must be at least 15 years older than the child they intend to adopt
  • Prospective adoptive parents must be Christian
Timeline and Travel

Due to the CAR program being a pilot program, time frames are being established, and therefore flexibility on the part of the prospective adoptive parents will be necessary. The wait time for a referral from CAR will vary based on the age, gender, and special needs of the child the family is requesting.

The expected travel time for a CAR adoption is up to 2 weeks in Cameroon to complete the visa processing which does not occur in CAR.  If you travel prior to visa issuance, you may encounter a much longer stay in country. Escorts are available if the family is unable to travel. ABI does encourage families to travel if at all possible in order to enhance attachment and bonding.

Referral and Adoption Process

The Central African adoption process can appear overwhelming initially. However, it is a step-by-step process and ABI will guide you. The first step in adopting from CAR is to have a Home study conducted by an agency licensed in your state of residence. If you are in Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, or Tennessee, ABI is able to facilitate your home study.  The second step is to file your Immigration and Naturalization Paperwork: the I-600A.

Your family will need to create a dossier for your Central African adoption. A dossier is a compilation of documents, which require various seals at different levels of government. ABI will provide adopting families with exact directions about how to prepare their dossier and an up-to-date Dossier document list when they have decided on their specific country.

The wait time for a referral from CAR will vary based on age, gender, and special needs of the child the family is requesting. Referral information includes as much detail as we receive from our overseas counterparts. Families requesting younger children should be aware that the orphanage will not seek to procure children for adoption, and a significant wait is possible until an eligible child is residing at the orphanage.

Post-placement reports completed by a licensed adoption agency are required at 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 months following the child’s placement with the adoptive family.  Ten pictures are to accompany each report.  The reports will be sent to CAR by ABI.

Available Children

The Central African adoption program includes children with special needs and healthy older children.  Most families accepted into this program will have a history of travel to CAR and contact with the child they seek to adopt.

If you would like more information regarding the Central African Republic program, please contact Amy Goffinet at amybeth@allblessings.org.