Millions of children throughout the world are in need of loving homes. There are many reasons why these children are in need of families, including poverty, unplanned pregnancy, political turmoil, and country requirements limiting family size. When the number of children available for adoption exceeds the number of families in that country able to adopt them, international adoption becomes an appropriate option.

ABI realizes that God tremendously loves ALL children, regardless of race or national origin. We seek to serve Christ by “Finding Families for God’s Children.”

ABI provides the following services for international adoption:

  • Child-placing services to families pursuing an international adoption from Burkina Faso, Haiti, Hong Kong, Latvia, and Taiwan.
  • Providing humanitarian aid to children for which international adoption is currently not possible.
  • Home Study Services in Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, and Tennessee, for adoptions from any country.
  • A network program open to Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Missouri families for international adoptions from South Korea.
  • An Adoption Service Provider Program for families interested in pursuing an international adoption from a country that does not have a well-established international adoption program.

Please visit each program’s web page to learn about parent qualifications and the children waiting for forever families, or download our international adoption program comparison sheet for an overview of all programs.

Many of these children throughout the world will be left unadopted! They will never know the love of a family or the comfort of a full tummy.

You can change the world for one little life.
Could a child be waiting for you?


All Blessings International is one of the few Hague accredited agencies to offer a Universal Accreditation/Primary Adoption Service Provider program to families pursuing an international adoption from countries without well-established adoption programs.

For many countries, such as China, Haiti, Korea, etc., there are well-established adoption programs and agencies which can provide experienced and quality adoption services. However, for countries where there are no established adoption programs, US Citizens wishing to adopt must still identify a Primary Adop+on Service Provider in order to eventually secure a U.S. Visa for their adopted child.

ABI has the knowledge and experience to help families who already know the country of the child’s birth to bring that child safely home to the United States. We have helped families to adopt from Italy, Uganda, Germany, the Ukraine, and many other countries.

Please contact Diana Boni to learn more about this program: