Since the creation of our International Adoption Training Program, ABI has been committed to providing the best adoption education in the field.  We believe that the foundation of a healthy adoptive family is quality education which covers all aspects of adoption issues a child or family may encounter.

We expanded our adoption training with offering several classes for our families and our staff in 2019 with our Adoption Training portal created and developed by our Founder, Lucy Armistead.  She created classes for our International Program clients to complete when they received children’s referrals, staff orientation, and other adoption related classes families could complete at their convenience online.  She envisions expanding our portal to provide live trainings for clients, staff and other adoption professionals.  The vision includes providing CEU trainings for community organizations such as hospitals, schools, pregnancy support centers and others to increase understanding and compassion for the adoption triad. Additionally, support groups for adoptive parents, birth parents and adoptees will be provided.  New interactive, live classes such as the Domestic Adoption Training Program and The Trauma Competent Caregiver will be available soon!

You can find available classes to support you before, during and after your child’s placement here. 

For more information or to sign up for classes, contact