ABI is committed to caring for our birth parents before, during and after they make an adoption plan. We also envision supporting the long-term needs of birth parents whether they were ABI clients or not and doing so at no cost to them.

Many times, birth parents feel grief, loss, and guilt after completing an adoption plan but there are few resources available to birth families who seek help or support. They do not have a community of others with similar stories or experiences and feel isolated and alone.

We feel support groups, mentorships, grief and loss education and other resources can help them work through their feelings in a healthy, supportive, community-centered environment.

ABI is thankful to be launching post adoption counseling/coaching services that allows birth parents to continue their healing journey regardless of when they made their adoption plan.  It is our prayer as a staff to continue to pour our time, love and resources into birth parents post adoption. We understand grief does not tell time. ABI is ready to meet them where they are. The majority of birth parents do not have the insurance or resources to afford counseling post adoption. We want to fill this gap by offering our dedicated counseling/coaching services free of charge. Would you help us by considering a monthly sponsorship? Click on the link below. We appreciate you partnering with us in this worthwhile endeavor!