Where has the month gone?? Things have been so busy around here I have barely had time to breathe! We are doing so many exciting things with our moms, I am over-the-moon excited about what we are continuing to unfold.

We now have two birth moms who are regular members of Mentoring Moms. They are coming to classes, using me as a resource, and benefiting greatly from extended services after their adoption plan has completed. I am so very excited to have them here in our community and to continue to invite new women into our circle.

Our Life Skills focus this month has been on Job Readiness and has gone beautifully. From searching for a job to attending the interview, our moms are more prepared than ever for making their way in the workforce. We have continued to talk about SMART goals and how we can achieve them, as well as hitting on some financial topics like Credit Scores.

One of the funniest moments we have had so far in this program happened while we were talking about what questions someone may ask as a part of an interview. A mom shared with us that at her first ever interview she was asked to tell a little about herself and she proceeded to tell her entire life story. She was not shocked when she did not receive that job. It opened the door for a great conversation about interview questions!

This month we also had the KY Moms MATR program come and give training on how to keep ourselves and our babies safe from substance misuse, postpartum depression, and domestic violence. Our moms engaged readily in this training asking a lot of questions and sharing their own stories in relation to these topics. We are so grateful for this program and look forward to welcoming them back soon.

I have spent a lot of time this month working with moms one-on-one. From helping them to sign up for child care assistance to giving parenting advice, we have covered all topics of support I could possibly think of. I am so blessed to be able to work with these women every day and so grateful for the examples of hard work and dedication that they set for me.

April will bring the introduction of the Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!® class to our calendar and I could not be more excited to implement this curriculum. It will make a perfect complement to the things we are already working on in Mentoring Moms and take the knowledge we are imparting on our moms to the next level. We are also currently waiting to hear back from a couple of larger grant opportunities to continue to grow our program in ways that we can only dream about. I am hopeful for this next month and the continued blossoming of our services.

It seems like we are moving at a very rapid pace these days, but I could not be happier with the program and what it is building. However I do wish time would slow down just a bit so I can enjoy each stage a moment longer.

Wishing you all of the spring flowers,