It has been a busy week at the All Blessings office! I had the pleasure of speaking with another program in Owensboro that does similar work to Mentoring Moms, though more specifically geared towards substance abuse and recovery. I believe that this branch of KY – Moms MATR and Mentoring Moms will be able to work hand-in-hand to provide more women in our area with the resources they need to create the lives they dream of. We are so thrilled to be in contact with them and to lean on one another to support families!

We have also been graced with several donations this week to help fill our food pantry and to provide necessary cleaning and hygiene supplies to the moms we serve. Unpacking and organizing these items was such a personal blessing for me, knowing that there were members of our community who see the work that we are attempting and validate its necessity. There is such a huge need in our area for this sort of maternal support and our hope is that our program can grow thanks to the kindness and generosity of our community partners.

It was also a blessing to the ladies we are working with right now. When they came to the office on Monday to participate in a “Self Care” time (we did nails and ate Valentine’s chocolate; they had such a great time!) they were able to pick through the donations and take what they needed. I was so moved by these women because none of them took more than they needed. There were so many things, they could have easily taken one of each. But they didn’t, they only took the items that were immediately necessary to them.

There is such a negative stigma attached to homelessness in our society; unhoused persons are believed to be lazy and only in search of a handout or a hit. In my work with populations in need that is simply not the case for the majority of people. This interaction was a beautiful reminder that we all need different things at different times. That meeting, those basic needs can create security and safety in the lives of people with very little of either. That we are all intentionally and wonderfully made human beings, some of us just need a little more help than others. That, at their core, people are good and kind and thoughtful. No one wakes up and decides that it would be fun to be violent or addicted or hateful. With a little more love, and a bit of generosity, we can encourage more people to tap into their good, kind, thoughtful side. And if more of the world can be good, kind and thoughtful… well goodness, what a world that would be.