adoptive parents quote

This training was extremely informative and eye-opening!
Many first-time adoptive parents (including myself)
are wrapped up in the excitement of adding to our families,
but many of the topics reviewed and discussed during this training
provided amazing insight into the responsibilities that come
with being a parent.

ABI is excited that we offer the National Training and Development Curriculum (NTDC) as part of our domestic adoption curriculum. We feel that our curriculum will enhance our prospective adoptive parents’ ability to confidently, lovingly and competently parent their adopted children. NTDC is based on research, input from experts, feedback from families who have experience adopting children, and the lived experience of adoptive/foster care youth. It will provide tools needed to successfully parent a child who has experienced trauma, separation, or loss. 

Stephanie Williams from ABI

Domestic Adoption Program clients will receive updates and video conferences throughout the year with  Stephanie Williams, MA, LSW, and Amanda Burton, BSW. It is our desire to get to know our Program families well to best partner with them on their adoption journey.Amanda Burton from ABI

ABI’s domestic adoption course is self-directed and in our online portal. It is filled with videos, articles, and interactive assessments for families to use as they expand their understanding of becoming adoptive parents and the perspectives of birth parents and adopted individuals.

All classes are open to the public for purchase! We believe you can never have too much adoption education! It can be found in our Adoption Training Portal.