All Blessings Inc. is a Christian adoption agency which was founded in Kentucky in 2002, and our Kentucky office continues to be the primary headquarters for our agency.

All Blessings Inc has caseworkers located throughout our states to assist adoptive and expectant families during the adoption process. The main office in Kentucky is always active as we assist families, children and expectant mothers. If you have have a chance to stop by our Kentucky office, we would love to meet you!

Stephanie  Williams, MA, LSW, ABI’s Executive Director, has had a passion for adoption since she was a child. Now, a mother of two children from Asian countries, Stephanie has worked in the adoption field since 2005 and has always had a great desire to help the adoption triad thrive.  Stephanie opened ABI’s Tennessee office in 2015 and she has worn many hats over the years, including state Director, Korea and Haiti Program Coordinator and Birth Mother Counselor. Currently, Stephanie is leading our education and outreach services through coaching, consulting and training in effort to provide greater resources to the adoption community. 

“My daughter Sophia has been in my heart since I was twelve years old. I have been passionate about adoption since that time. She began as my inspiration and over the years has become my greatest cheerleader and teacher. I find her wisdom and insight invaluable and impart it regularly with the families I serve.”

Anji Edge, our Office Manager, returned to the workforce in 2015, joining ABI after an extended period of being a stay at-home wife and mother.  With a background in the medical field, she found the transition to adoption to be quite easy, and found her place quickly. “I have been blessed to be able to work with families through all seasons of their adoption journey, from pre-adoption to post-placement and points in between.  I was initially drawn to adoption because I have always been a “helper”, and to be able to walk with our families on this path brings me great joy and personal satisfaction.  

Anji is the mother of four amazing children, two of whom still live at home with her. Her family nuclear family also includes a son in law, a soon to be daughter in law, and two precious grandchildren.

Amy Larkin, BSW, joined All Blessings in 2004. She has served in the role of Post Adoption Coordinator and is working with families to complete home studies, post placements and our Mentoring Mothers Program. Amy is busy with her family and is loved by her local community as she is so very involved with her local school and church. Anyone who meets Amy feels at ease and can sense her huge heart for others. 

Ginny is the Bookkeeper for ABI. Each day her attention to detail and great attitude help support our team in our goal to help families thrive. Ginny has a heart for the adoption community as she has four nephews and one niece through adoption. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has two great children, a wonderful daughter-in-law and precious granddaughter. When she is not working, Ginny enjoys reading, practicing yoga, and spending time with her friends and family.

Jenny Baldwin, BA, joined All Blessings in 2012. She has served in the role of Executive Assistant, Office Manager and is currently the Administrator / Compliance Coordinator. Jenny assists the organization with staying in compliance with adoption and state regulations. She will also assist when you are working with other agencies and need agency to agency agreements. Jenny is the “go to tech support” with the staff as needed. She loves being a part of the ABI team as it supports bringing families together!! Jenny and her husband Jarrod love spending time with their 3 children.

Sarah Toomey, M.Ed., is our Pregnancy Resource Coordinator. She is in charge of managing the Mentoring Moms programming and working with mothers from all walks of life who are in need. Sarah taught Middle School English for 5.5 years before joining the ABI team and, while missing her precious students dearly, is so excited to be here. She lives with her husband and two beautiful children, Ava and Oliver. They love to play games, bake, craft, and generally just spend time together as a family!


Beth Bessinger is an adoption support specialist who received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Indiana University and her Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. Beth has been with All Blessings Inc. since February 2021.

Beth has always felt a calling to personally and professionally be involved in the adoption field. Beth and her husband began the process of their child’s adoption from the United States in 2017. She has developed a deep respect for the adoptive process and both the tough and wonderful journey it allows. She feels fortunate to have personal understanding of what adoptive parents experience. This has also helped her know how important it is to educate oneself on adoption and the possible needs of the adopted child.

Beth and her husband, Michael, welcomed home Asher in 2019 and are thrilled to be his parents. They enjoy time together as a family. Beth enjoys traveling, reading, Notre Dame Football and coffee shops.


Amanda Burton, BSW, Domestic Coordinator since July of 2022. Amanda comes to the field with roughly 5 years of previous experience. She is a wife and mother of three. They have two children through adoption and a bonus adult daughter through the foster care system. Amanda is an adoptee from South Korea and has always had a passion for adoption. “Now it is my goal to focus my attention on the triad and how we can best serve the child, birth family and adoptive family. I am a propionate for open adoption and love building relationships with the individuals and families with whom I work.”

Neeka Valdez, BSW, is our Intake Coordinator and Adoption Case Specialist completing home studies and post adoption services in Tennessee and Kentucky. In the summer of 2021, Neeka spent her full-time internship with ABI as she wrapped up her bachelor’s degree in social work from Liberty University. In the summer of 2022, she was invited to join the team as a caseworker. “I’m thrilled to have this position and continue to support families in their journey to adopt. My immediate family consists of my husband, our Great Pyrenees/Husky fur baby named Moose, and the most recent addition of our first son named Rio. I am passionate of the family unit and see adoption as an incredible opportunity to extend families, support birth moms in their decision to adopt, and to ultimately serve one another in love.”

All Blessings continues to see God grow our agency as He opens new doors for ABI. We are blessed to have so many opportunities to provide services to families, children  and expectant mothers.