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When we started the adoption process, we were unsure which agency to use. We spent time interviewing different ones, but the moment we walked into ABI, we knew they were the ones to help us find our child. From day one, they have gone above and beyond with their very caring support. They did everything from walking us through the process, providing us education, communicating with us frequently, encouraging us along the way, and finally celebrating with us as we brought our daughter home. I recommend them to anyone looking for the best adoption experience.  –Brittnye


ABI offers home study and domestic child placement services for families residing in Tennessee.

A home study prepared by a licensed child placing agency in your state of residence is required for all families hoping to adopt a child. Many families find the home study and adoption process confusing and overwhelming, but we will help you every step of the way! The process looks like this:

  1. Contact us for a detailed overview of what to expect. You can schedule a time to call or send an email . We will get back to you promptly!
  2. Once you have decided to move forward, complete our application found here.
  3. Once your completed application is approved an invoice for the type of home study selected will be emailed to you.
  4. Upon receipt of home study fee, you will receive access to your documents, adoption education and are assigned a caseworker.
  5. Schedule and complete interviews with your caseworker.
  6. Finish required home study paperwork and work on your family profile book.
  7. Caseworker writes your home study report.
  8. Domestic Coordinator reviews/approves your family profile book.
  9. Home study is finalized.
  10. The wait begins!
  11. Your family is selected by an expectant mother choosing to make an adoption plan.
  12. Placement of child and legal processes completed.
  13. Post placement supervision visits with your caseworker are completed.
  14. Family chooses a lawyer for finalization process.
  15. The legal processes for finalization are completed.
  16. Congratulations on your growing family!



View our current fees schedule here.

Financial resources available on our Resources webpage.


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