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When we started the adoption process, we were unsure what agency to use. We spent time interviewing different ones, but the moment we walked into ABI, we knew they were the ones to help us find our child. From day one, they have gone above and beyond with their support. They did everything from walking us through the process, providing us education, communicating with us frequently, encouraging us along the way, and finally celebrating with us as we brought our daughter home. ABI Tennessee adopt a baby or child adoption agency – I recommend them to anyone looking for the best adoption experience.  –Brittnye


Top Tennessee Adoption Agency – for adopting a child, infant or baby in the state. Most utilized and highest rated agency in the state. Christian Adoption Agency in Tennessee – serving all couples.

Adoption agency for all Tennessee – we are among the leading adoption services in the state, highly regarded and contacted every day by aspiring parents-to-be. To adopt a child (infant, baby) is a blessings-filled opportunity, an extraordinary life fulfillment. It requires a number of responsible steps that we’re certified to guide and help you with, and which we have twenty years experience in. We serve prospective adoptive families and adoptive families who reside in the state.  ABI has caseworkers located throughout the state who are experienced adoption workers, and many of whom are adoptive parents themselves. From adoptions in Knoxville, TN, to all towns of the state, we serve with exceptional professionalism and care the adoption process for both birth mothers and adopting couples. Our Tennessee Christian adoption agency services are comprehensive with the levels of experience you need to make your dreams of a family come true. Our services include:

  • Home Study Services for Domestic Adoption
    • Training and Education
    • Assessment Services
    • Adoption Support
  • Post Placement Services for Domestic Adoption
    • Post Placement Support
    • Adjustment Counseling
    • Re-adoption Assistance
    • Resource Referral
  • Child Placement Services for Domestic Adoption
    • Training and Education
    • Ongoing Support
    • Client Advocacy
    • Profile Assistance
    • Placement Services
    • Interstate Adoption Assistance

Tennessee Offices: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

For more information regarding the adoption services provided to Tennessee families, please email Olivia Kluiter, our ABI Tennessee State Director, at .


Call us for our affordable fee structure.

Additionally, if this is not your first home study, ABI offers home study discounts dependent upon when your previous home study was completed.

All Blessings is continuously searching for new ways to assist our families with the costs of adoption.  One such way ABI assists our Tennessee adoption clients is through partnering with the Adoption Finance Coaching System.  Their team of adoption finance coaches will help you create a comprehensive financial plan that matches your adoption plan.

All Blessings has additional financial resources available on our Resources webpage.


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