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“The best adoption agency in Indiana” is a search we spent a long time with. In searching for a home study agency, working with an ethical and honest Indiana adoption agency was critical to our adoption journey. Those qualifications are what led us to ABI. All of the staff we worked with from ABI were courteous and supportive. Our questions were answered promptly and with knowledge and sensitivity.  They made sure we dotted every I and crossed every T. Because of the excellence and care they showed us, we have and will continue to recommend them to friends who also choose the journey of adoption.    –Brandy


Adoption Agency in Indiana – a Top-Rated Agency for Adopting a Child in the State.

“Adoption agency in Indiana” is highly searched as residents of the state are looking for the best, reputed adoption agencies to make their dreams of a family come true. ABI is among the most respected and well known adoption agencies licensed in Indiana. We are known to thousands of couples as caring, compassionate and expert in all the details of adopting. To adopt a child (infant, baby) in Indiana is one of your most meaningful, life-changing and life-giving experiences. The state adoption laws and requirements need to be understood, and require a number of responsible steps that we’re certified in. We serve prospective adoptive families and adoptive families who reside in the state of Indiana.  ABI has caseworkers located throughout the state who are experienced adoption workers, and many of whom are adoptive parents themselves. Adopting a child in Indiana should be a pursuit of love. We make it that way. Our Indiana adoption agency services include:

  • Home Study Services for Domestic Adoption
    • Training and Education
    • Assessment Services
    • Adoption Support
  • Post Placement Services for Domestic Adoption
    • Post Placement Support
    • Adjustment Counseling
    • Readoption Assistance
    • Resource Referral
  • Child Placement Services for Domestic Adoption
    • Training and Education
    • Ongoing Support and Client Advocacy
    • Profile Assistance
    • Placement Services
    • Interstate Adoption Assistance

For more information regarding the Indiana adoption program, please email Natalie Seitz, ABI Home Study Coordinator, at .


In our dedication to serving adoptive families through our Indiana adoption program, All Blessings provides some of the lowest adoption service rates in the state of Indiana. Our fee structure is as follows:

  • $1,800 – Domestic Home Study
  • $1,900 – International Home Study
  • $350 – International Home Study Administration Fee
  • $750 – Home Study Update
  • $250 – Post Placement Report

Additionally, if this is not your first home study, ABI offers home study discounts dependent upon when your previous home study was completed.

All Blessings is continuously searching for new ways to assist our families with the costs of adoption.  One such way for our Indiana adoption program families is through partnering with the Adoption Finance Coaching SystemTheir team of adoption finance coaches will help you create a comprehensive financial plan that matches your adoption plan.

All Blessings has additional financial resources available on our Resources webpage.


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