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Finding a reputable home study agency, and working with an ethical and honest agency was critical to our thinking. All of the All Blessings staff we worked with were courteous and extraordinarily helpful. Our questions were answered promptly and with knowledge and sensitivity.  They made sure we dotted every I and crossed every T. Because of the excellence and care they showed us, we have and will continue to recommend them to friends who also choose the journey of adoption.    –Brandy


The Indiana adoption services provided by ABI include:

  • Child Placement Services Through ABI Domestic Program
    ABI can offer:
    • Free initial video consultations.
    • State of the art adoption education delivered live via video conference.
    • Adoption preparation, support, and guidance with the goal of creating healthy adoption triads.
    • Home study completed by experienced, professional Adoption Specialists.
    • Resources on adoption grants, fundraising, attorneys, and post placement resources.
    • Profile book guidance and assistance. Professional designer available for additional fee.
    • Access to nationwide profile listing services.
    • $500 discount with partner consultancy.
    • Client advocacy and case management prior to placement.
    • Adoptive parents’ agency support counselor present at the hospital.
    • Birth mother/parents agency support counselor present at the hospital.
    • Birth mother’s own legal representation provided before, during and after placement.
    • Mentoring Moms life skills, parenting, budgeting & cooking classes as well as emergent needs resources available to expectant mom/birth mom before and after placement.
    • Adoptive parents post placement – coaching, and parenting support ongoing availability after placement.
    • Interstate Adoption Assistance
  • Home Study Services for Domestic Adoption
  • Home Study Services for International Adoption
  • Post Placement Services for Domestic Adoption

The ABI Indiana office is located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. However, families are asked to use ABI’s main office in Owensboro, Kentucky for all written correspondence.

For more information regarding the adoption services which ABI provides,please email Neeka Valdez, our ABI Intake Coordinator, at (270) 684-2598 ext952


View our current fees schedule here.

Additionally, if this is not your first home study, ABI offers home study discounts dependent upon when your previous home study was completed.

All Blessings has additional financial resources available on our Resources webpage.


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