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Most Utilized Christian Adoption Agency in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana

All Blessings Inc., began in a home basement in 2002 as “Kentucky Adoption Services.” That was the beginning of ABI founder Lucy Armistead’s dream. Under her leadership All Blessings helped thousands of children from every corner of the globe find families. Adopt a baby or child in Kentucky with our ABI adoption agency – one of the most highly rated in the state, and in Tennessee and Indiana.

The heart of ABI has always beat for the entire adoption triad, including the part that society rarely acknowledges; the brave mothers who choose to make an adoption plan. With ABI’s twenty years of growth and expertise we have decided to re-focus our efforts closer to home. ABI continues to provide loving adoption services for families seeking to adopt a child or mothers making an adoption plan in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. Our caring team provides expert-level adoption guidance, education and services. We look forward to discussing your adoption plans with you.

ABI’s professional commitment to nurture genuine relationships with each of our clients is our top priority.

As the most used, well known and highly respected adoption agency in our states of licensure, All Blessings believes in the innate worth of every individual child and seeks to assist the children of the world by helping build families through adoption and providing humanitarian aide to children and mothers in need.  It is this organization’s firm belief that every child has a right to grow up in a family where he or she is loved, nurtured, protected, and appreciated for his/her unique individuality.  We were founded in the firm belief that God tremendously loves all children, regardless of race or national origin. We seek to serve Christ by “Finding Families for God’s Children.” This dedication to God’s children includes offering the following services:

  • Adoption home study services in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee
  • Child-placing services to families of all faiths pursuing adoption
  • Private, nondirective support counseling for women or couples facing unplanned pregnancies
  • Assistance for adoptive families in crisis

Our staff consists of caring and competent individuals who will answer all of your questions about our programs, services, and adoption in general. In our commitment to serve God’s children, we are here to walk the journey of adoption with you.

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Making an Adoption Plan For Your Child:

ABI is able to assist and support you as you decide if making an adoption plan for your unborn baby might be the best option for both you and your child. ABI works with women and couples in the states of Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee as they consider an adoption plan for their child.

Adopt a Child, Baby, Infant in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee – Top Adoption Agency in Three States.

Domestic adoption of babies and children in the U.S. is facilitated state by state – dependent on the agency’s licensing by state authorities. Adoption is a legal process demanding many protections for all involved. For families desiring to grow their family through a domestic adoption, ABI offers domestic infant adoption services to families located in the above three states who have utilized ABI’s home study services.

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“ABI is the best adoption agency and the most highly rated agency in this area.” -Brittney