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Joey and Heather Joey and Heather have a happy and fun life together, with their sweet daughter, Claire. Though they tried for many years for another healthy pregnancy after Claire was born, it was not to be. Heather and Joey had talked about adoption from very early in their marriage, and they are excited to add to their family through adoption! They look forward to loving another child and Claire looks forward to being a loving and wonderful big sister!! 
John and Carrie John and Carrie have one daughter, Emily, whom they adopted in 2009. She is looking forward to the opportunity to be a big sister! They are prayerfully waiting to adopt again and expand their family.
Ty and Julie Ty and Julie are a fun-loving and musical couple who are looking forward to being blessed with a child. They are unable to conceive a child biologically, and are excited to adopt a child into their loving family. Ty is employed as a minister, and Julie is a homemaker. They are active in their church and community, and are eager to welcome a child into their lives and home!
Peter and Hope Peter and Hope are a sweet couple who are eager and excited about becoming parents. They are very family-oriented in how they spend their time and enjoy doing things such hiking, walking, canoeing, being involved in charity events, and enjoying time with their extended family and friends. They have much support from their family and friends in their adoption pursuit and who are also very eager to welcome a child into their family. Peter and Hope very much look forward to growing their family and having a child to provide unconditional love and support for throughout the child’s life.
Eric and Kimberly Eric and Kimberly are a wonderful and loving couple who enjoy a very happy life with their sweet son, Kenson. They have always envisioned having a larger family, but found that it was not God's plan for them to become pregnant again. Eric, Kimberly, and Kenson are very close with their extended families and are involved within their community. All of their family and friends are supportive and encouraging of their adoption and any child that becomes a part of their family will be loved by so many others, as well. Eric and Kimberly feel very blessed to add to their family and Kenson is excited about being a big brother.
Bradley and Michele Bradley and Michele are a kind couple that are excited to become parents! They both come from loving families, and look forward to bringing another child into their families to love and cherish. Bradley and Michele enjoy traveling, riding four-wheelers, and spending time with family. They also enjoy doing volunteer work in their community and church. They are excited to give a child a loving family and home in which he/she can learn, play, and grow!
Jason and Elizabeth Jason and Elizabeth are so very excited to bring another child into their family! They are a friendly and outgoing couple. Jason had a successful career in the Army, and is now retired from the Army and employed elsewhere. Jason has four children from a previous marriage, who Jason and Elizabeth love very much. The family shares a love of cars, music, and life. They are excited to share their love of life with another child!
Michael and Megan Michael and Megan are a sweet couple who look forward to parenting another child! They care for Michael’s two children from a previous relationship, who are very excited to have another sibling! Michael and Megan have an active family, and they enjoy going on hikes, attending children’s sporting events, and spending time together as a family. They cannot wait to share their family’s fun and active life with another child!
Jason and Valerie Jason and Valerie are a loving couple who look forward to becoming first time parents and sharing their life with a child. They are experienced in parenting as Valerie is a nanny, and they also have nieces and nephews they spend time with. They enjoy life, spending time with their dogs, with extended family, playing putt-putt, going to the zoo, and being active in their local church. Jason and Valerie have a wonderful life that they desire to share with a child!
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