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Latvia adoption program
All Blessings International is now working with the country of Latvia to process adoptions. Latvia, which borders Russia and the Baltic Sea, is a beautiful country, rich with history and traditions. This is a pilot program for ABI and those families looking to

adopt from Latvia

must be flexible and have a positive attitude when unexpected changes and difficulties occur, as this is a new endeavor and the ABI staff will be learning the timing and process. Latvia is a part of the Hague Convention; please contact ABI before choosing a

home study agency

Families interested in

Latvia adoption

might also be interested in hosting a Latvian child. ABI works with “A Hope and a Future.” “A Hope and a Future” is a hosting program that works to bring Latvian children to the US with the hope of introducing them to a family lifestyle. Please contact Mark Gough if you are interested in hosting a Latvian child.
Latvian law allows families meeting the following criteria to adopt:
  • Married couples and single women are accepted
  • Single women are accepted on a limited basis
  • All prospective adoptive parents must be at least 18 year older than the child they are seeking to adopt
Children in need of families are typically older children age 9 to 15. To see a complete listing of waiting children, please visit the Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia's website.
Families will expect to travel three times, with both parents traveling the first time as well as the final time which will finalize the adoption only one parent is required to travel the second time. If you are interested in more information please contact Kim at our KY office.

Post-Adoption: Post placement reports completed by a licensed, COA or Hague accredited adoption agency are required at 1, 12, and 24 months.

Download our international program comparison sheet to compare programs and fees.
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