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Haitian adoptions

All Blessings International is fully accredited by the Haitian Government to provide adoption services in Haiti. Our program coordinator has been working in Haiti since 2003, speaks the language, and has participated in hundreds of successful Haitian adoptions.

ABI is accepting new families for our Haiti program.

Children with special needs need families!
These needs include:
  • sibling pairs and groups age 0-7+ years
  • single children age 6 and older
  • medical special needs

Younger, individual children need families too.
Referrals for children with no identified special needs are made by a committee designated by the Haitian Central Authority.

Why choose ABI?
  • 14 years of experience in Haiti
  • hundreds of successful adoptions
  • hands-on connection to Haiti
  • dossier preparation assistance
  • most staff are adoptive parents
  • we put children first!

Adoptive Parent Qualifications:
Haiti's new adoption law of November, 2013 allows families meeting the following criteria to adopt:

  • opposite sex married couples with at least one parent age 30 or and both parents no older than age 50
  • five years of marriage OR five years of cohabitation
  • families may have any number of biological and adopted children provided they can provide for the new adopted child(ren)
  • please note that Haiti will not permit same sex couples to adopt
  • single applicants age 35 to 50
  • single applicants may have any number of biological and adopted children provided they can provide for the new adopted child(ren)
Adoptive parents cannot ever have been convicted of any crime.

Timeline and Travel:

On April 1st, 2014, Haiti became a participatory nation to the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption. Haitian adoptions under the new law and policies generally take about 12 months from referral to homecoming.

Families are likely to experience a wait of one year or longer for the referral of a child, particularly if they request to adopt a single child age two years or younger.

After the Haitian government issues the referral of a child, the adoptive family will travel to Haiti for fifteen days for a socialization period. Additional visits are permissible after IBESR approval. ABI will assist with in country travel and accommodations.

A six day reacquaintence period just before the child may go home to his new family may be waived if the family has visited the child during the adoption process.

Referral and Adoption Process: Adoption referrals in Haiti are made by the Central Authority. Families can be referred to a child who is legally free for adoption residing in any orphanage in Haiti that has been licensed to perform adoptions.

Following an official referral from the Central Authority, ABI will deliver all documentation and information that we can obtain regarding the child to the adoptive family. Families will travel to Haiti to spend a fifteen day socialization period with their referred child. Additional visits may be allowed.

Following approval of the referral and socialization reports by the Central Authority, ABI's experienced and competent in-country partners will complete the legal adoption in Haiti. Generally this portion of the process takes between six and eight months. Families may then travel to bring their new child home.

Available Children: Children aged six months through fifteen years are in need of permanent, loving families. Historically most of the children placed by ABI have had no permanent health or developmental concerns, but families are needed for for children with special needs as well. Sibling groups are common. Children are typically tested for HIV and Hepatitis.

Download our Haiti program overview sheet and our international program comparison sheet to compare programs and fees.

Read more about our Haiti program, including the latest updates on the

Haitian adoption process

, on ABI's Haiti blog: http://kashaiti.blogspot.com/.
Call Program Coordinator Diana Boni directly at 605-301-4690 or email her at diana@allblessings.org.
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